Brianna Waite

Assistant Colorist

Studied at Paul Mitchell the School San Diego

I found Jet Rhys salon when Sharlene and Rhys came to our Future of Style hiring event at Paul Mitchell. They were so friendly and inviting. I knew almost immediately I wanted to work with them.

I love assisting at Jet Rhys, because there is always something to learn from the amazing talent that works there. I am always trying to focus on making sure that our customer service is top notch and the salon is running as smooth and effective as possible.

Working in this industry was something I always wanted to do because of the “look good, feel good” motto. Its a great feeling to be able to contribute to our clients happiness from start to finish.

Fun Facts: I was on a dance team for 14 years & I am a music junkie. I will listen to just about anything, except country.