Amanda Brickley


Studied at Vidal Sassoon Academy

As an assistant colorist, she’s gaining skills and confidence working alongside the salon’s experienced stylists and continuing her education by attending weekly classes.

Amanda’s Tints start at $77
Partial Highlights start at $120

“I love working in this industry because I am able to make other people feel better about themselves.”

Fun Fact: Although Amanda is a “girly girl” who feels naked without her false eyelashes, she can beat anyone at Call of Duty.

Client Love

( 8 Reviews )
I have known about Jet Rhys Hair Salon for about 3 years but did not feel that I could take that leap of faith from my current hair stylist to something new. I am not adventurous when it comes to my hair and skin, I stick with what works . I was however curious about Jet Rhys Salon's reviews (good), so after following them on social media for a couple years, building the courage to just do it I went...I made my appointment online and within hours I received an email from Jet Rhys Salon. I am very happy with taking that leap of faith. I will go back there again and again and again. The staff is super friendly, knowledgable and accommodating. Amanda did my colour, she did a fantastic job...I told her what I envisioned, she added her expertise to the vision and I look fabulous. Shelby cut my hair...after spending about one hour and half with her I can only say I REALLY LIKE HER! She did a fantastic job too. I will definitely spread the word about Jet Rhys Hair Salon and refer my friends. My dream team Amanda and Shelby will see me again in a couple weeks for my touch up..foresure!
Laurie O.
on 02/09/2018
Have been there a few times and always come out perfectly satisfied. Both Amanda and Jasmine are great, very professional and do an excellent job. I will strongly recommend Jet Rhys, Solana Beach.
Eliana L.
on 05/21/2017
This place gets more magical by the minute! I went in today for a trim by Hair Magician Sal, as we were finishing my "laser cut" bob, it truly looked like a laser cut it... and I have curly hair.. ok back to the story, a very fascinating lady came by, introduced herself and we started talking about color, fun color! I just finished mentioning to Sal how I wanted to do something fun eventually, little did I know that "eventually" was now... well ... drum roll please... This fascinating person I just met was the Wizard herself, JET!! As soon as my brain caught up, I was in awww, we talked color, we had ... let me rephrase this, she had this amazing fun vision on how to add some rock and roll to my hair, and amp up the sassy in my life! And oh boy sassy I feel! Sal, your haircuts are simply divine, through the years we definitely had some fun, long, short, shaved, faux Mohawks , and today we put the cherry on top, with a color that does this haircut some serious justice! Jet, meeting you was an experience on its own, your energy is infectious! What an honor! Thank you to Sara, Amanda and Trisha for helping in the process. You guys made me feel AMAZING Thank you Team Jet Rhys!
Annalisa J.
on 11/21/2016
I have been going to this salon for over 16 years and they still are fresh. Jet and Rhys do a great job of mentoring and training their staff and keeping everyone up to date with the latest techniques and styles. Even when I'm overdue for a haircut, I still get compliments on my haircut and color. Also, when you spend money and time at a salon, you want to feel like the experience is a treat. The stylists at Jet Rhys understand this and do everything they can to make you feel pampered. I continue to recommend them to friends and feel confident when I do so. I know they will be treated well.
Ahren C.
on 10/24/2016
If only I could give more than 5 stars. Let me begin by saying that I hadn't colored my hair since high school and was terrified to color my "Virgin hair" after 12 years. I decided it was time for a change and heard amazing things about this salon from a friend. I was booked an appointment with Amanda who literally changed the way I felt about my hair! She made me feel beyond comfortable and from the moment I sat down in her chair I knew I was in good hands. She did the balayage technique which made my hair look sun kissed like I spent a week on the beach. I highly suggest booking an appointment with Amanda, you will NOT be disappointed but you WILL feel gorgeous! Can't wait until my next appointment!
Bee A.
on 11/11/2015
Got my hair cut and a bit blonder here. This time the cut was not by Mallory (she was booked when I just had to have it cut) and I found out that I need to be more patient and definitely go to Mallory next time. She just understands my hair needs best. (The one I had this time took much more of the length off than we had discussed.) For the color part - Amanda was fantastic! I was a little nervous as I hadn't colored it at all in years, but it looks really, really good. She made sure I got the blonde exactly where I wanted it and how I wanted it. She did some precision techniques or something that made it blend quite nicely with my natural color. My hair was stubborn to let go of the brown so it took a tad bit longer than anyone expected. Amanda had other appointments to take care of...that's when Monique stepped in, but Amanda kept checking up on me throughout. Monique went the distance and took care of me throughout the washing, toning and blowing it dry. It ended up looking better than I could ever imagine and she helped me deal with my new cut. I had been a bit bummed by the cut (I have no idea what to do with bangs), but Monique and Amanda brought me back to skipping around happy as ever with my new hair. Thanks!
on 11/07/2015
I had not colored my hair in a while and it definitely needed it. I have had problems in the past with colorist going too blond, too dark, or too ashy. Amanda went over a few options with me about which process I would like and what the maintenance would be for each. She actually listened when I said I liked more the carmel blond/Jennifer Aniston color. It turned out perfect. She made great choices. I love it and will definitely be back.
Kimberly T.
on 08/10/2015
I am probably a colorists worst nightmare but biggest lesson because of how impulsive I get with my hair. I cannot imagine how much hair color I have had in the past 6 months switch to Blue, Mint, Blonde, Brown and Purple. When the time came my hair needed some TLC and snipping 4 inches became necessary, I caught the attention of my hair stylist Mai. (she also worked for Jet Rhys) She suggested I would be a perfect candidate to become a hair model for Jet Rhys Hair Salon in Solana Beach. The Story: Mind you, I have not been to a professional colorist in about 2 years and my hair color is as backyard standard as it gets. So, I was quite surprised how inexpensive being a hair model could be when Mai told me about it. She had set up the appointment for me with a colorist named Amanda. You see, its not like I have not tried the whole "get your hair professionally done thing" because overall, they are the expert in hair + chemicals. BUT... all the other times I seen a "professional" wanting to change my dark = black (natural hair color) to blonde, they freak out, but go in and tackle the job anyway. In the end, do so much work for the crappiest results! I have never loved my results! Now lets be realistic, going from black to blonde is never easy and can hardly be done in one visit. I know that, BUT... going home after paying close to $300 for short length, yellow and orange hair is NEVER FUN. I never would go back, ever, not once. So when Mai had suggested being a hair model, it sounded really interesting and it was no different going to a normal hair appointment wanting to get your hair colored. AMANDA - SHE WAS AMAZING! I mean, she was knowledgeable and kept me informed all the way through. She did tell me I was not going to be blonde today, which I already knew, but it was nice to hear it from her. Our session took about 3 hours, and BOY, she was such a trooper. I know how difficult my hair can get. She was patient and polite. DID I MENTION THE TEA OFFERINGS?! AWESOME! I have thin, fine, dark Asian hair and she managed to work her magic along with her colleagues. I will not go to anyone else, she and the Jet Rhys team had made me a committed believer. I LOVE MY RESULTS! They managed to keep my hair healthy during the bleaching process and I was impressed by how much intuitive they are to new techniques to get my hair lighter without using bleach. I had a Vitamin C treatment in which I did not mind paying $30 for. I have 3 more processing sessions to go probably, but I look forward to seeing them again!
Arvee E.
on 04/27/2015