Alexandra Shorman

Assistant Colorist

Studied at Paul Mitchell the School – San Diego

Since very young Alexandra has felt passionate about art and everything related to it from color and textures to figures, oils and canvas. It has always been a part of her life and a way to express individuality. “The way that the old masters created a piece of art”, she relates, “is very similar to what we use in the hair industry. We are making art!”

Studying Cosmetology at Paul Mitchell School in San Diego is how she learned about Rhys. She was captivated by the salon’s ongoing education program and it immediately inspired her to start her journey as a hairstylist! I always believe in the importance of having mentors and people who provide guidance in the process of excellence.

My role in the salon as a color assistant will give me the opportunity to work alongside great colorists. I look forward to learning from them, supporting them and assisting them to make sure our clients can have the best experience. Being able to work in such an artistic, innovative and respectful environment is something I truly look forward to!

One of the things I love about working at the salon is the ability to be creative. I also love making our customers happy, educating them and making them feel better about themselves! Life is busy for all of us, so when someone chooses my chair at the salon I want them to feel relaxed, confident and embellish them in a timely manner.

Fun facts: I am an oil painter and love to cook