Jet’s motto “look, study and attack” has made her an undeniable expert in the beauty industry. Evolving the looks of her clients by focusing on hair texture and bone structure, natural skin tones and color, she’s known for creating unique, signature styles that leave her clients looking gorgeous and feeling confident. Her level of knowledge

  Before you get all fancy-schmancy with your skills, you have to master the basics! Let us teach you how. Apply Products Like a Pro Never read the instructions on the back? Don’t worry, we’ll break it down for you. HEAT PROTECTANT Rake it through towel-dried hair to create a barrier between your hair and

Prepare to cause major hair envy. by Alexis Farah With award season in full swing, gorgeous hair is taking center stage in a big way. But anyone taking a peek at all the behind-the-scenes mayhem (thank you, Snapchat!) can see that celebrity stylists often have to get creative when trying to achieve flawless hair in

Hair that falls to great lengths can be gorgeous, but when not properly cared for, it can become limp and straggly. To prevent seriously messed-up strands, avoid these 4 bad habits, warns Jet Rhys of her namesake salon in Solana Beach, CA: NOT HAVING IT CUT EVERY 4-6 WEEKS. When you skip trims, split ends

  Calling All Curls … Join the curly girl movement! What a successful evening hosting the Industry Launch at Jet Rhys Salon, many thanks Christian van Bremen!

Where to get Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s lob, Lily Collins’ pixie, Jennifer Aniston’s honey blonde, and more We’ve traversed the entire country—from California to Virginia, North Dakota to Texas, and everywhere in between—to bring you this master list of the best places to get the hair of your dreams. The lengths we’d go to get Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s

By Shannon Farrell We spend so much time safeguarding the skin on our bodies from the sun (and with the rise of melanoma, it’s warranted), but we often forget to protect the skin (and strands!) on our heads. Your scalp can get sunburned, and in fact, it’s one of the areas on the body that

Style Pros Weigh In On Some Brand New Looks. We asked experts from coast to coast to tell us what they think about 10 stars’ recent ‘do-overs because we believe it’s only fair to get more than one opinion. And boy, did they disagree! Their votes were unanimous in three cases and the rest were

by Kathleen Mulpeter Even though I’ve heard time and time again that it’s not necessary to wash your hair every single day, I’ve been an obsessive daily shampoo-er my whole life. But after a recent highlights-gone-wrong situation (where I ended up needing to dye my hair back to its natural color), I’ve become extra-vigilant about

By Lisa Fogarty Gone are the days plain ol’ brown, blonde and red; nowadays women are flocking to their colorists with celeb photos in hand asking for Blake Lively blonde or Christina Hendricks red. A photo is nice, but it’s even more helpful to your stylist if you can pinpoint exactly what you like about

  Taking it Personal Jet Rhys in Solana Beach, CA, caters to the individual, from first-class service to bespoke style. “I love to evolve the look of my clients’ hair,” Jet says. “It starts with creating the perfect healthy hair canvas for color to come.”   What’s Unique Jet Rhys takes customer service a step