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by Krista Bennett Demaio

dr_oz-article3-nov16-web3 DOUBLE UP IN THE SHOWER

When you do wash your hair, revive the lather, rinse, repeat routine. “Shampooing twice gets your scalp and hair super clean and sets you up for a bouncier look on day two or three,” says Jet Rhys, a San Diego–based salon owner. If you have fine or normal hair, pass on “hydrating” or “repairing” shampoos (code words for rich conditioning formulas that could weigh your hair down). Curly, coarse, or dry? You need the moisturizing stuff. All types should use a light conditioner on the ends, says Rhys.

dr_oz-article4-nov16-web4 THREE WAYS TO REWORK SHORT HAIR

“A cropped cut can be challenging on day two–the whole head goes flat,” says Rhys. Three easy hacks to revive it:

Work with, not against, the flatness: Create a side or center part, and pin down face-framing sections on each side with a decorative or regular bobby pin.

Mix a styling cream with wax or pomade in the palms of your hands, and run your hands through your hair. You’ll get shine and hold without stiffness, says Rhys.

Spritz hair with a sea-salt or prep spray, and scrunch with hands. Or coat fingers with a dab of pomade, and muss just the ends of your hair (avoiding roots).

dr_oz-article5-nov16-web5 DAY TWO ESSENTIALS

Squeeze more milage out of yesterday’s do with these tools.

Boar-bristle brush: The natural bristles help carry oil down your hair, making ends look shinier and roots less greasy.

A shower cap: Wear one when you’re showering and not shampooing to block out frizz-inducing, style-dampening humidity from the steam.

Prep spray: “It’s like a watered-down leave-in conditioner that refreshes hair without making it frizzy,” says Rhys. The label also might say “primer spray.”

Sea-salt spray: Blowout losing its smooth? Play up the piecey separation with this texturizing spray.

Velcro rollers: Old-school, yes, but they really do lift flat roots and create bounce.

Bobby pins: It’s OK, and actually cool now, to leave them visible. Get layers off your face, stack a few in a pattern, or pin back oily bangs, says Rhys.

9 Revive Curls

Second-day spirals may lose their spring, especially if they get smooshed by your pillow. Spot-treat with a prep spray or a light leave-in conditioner. Then wrap individual curls around your finger and gently unravel, says Rhys. You’re back to boingy!

dr_oz-article12-nov16-web12 THIS SPRAY DOES IT ALL

Dry shampoo is your MVP on days you don’t wash. It soaks up oil and gives flat, fine hair a volume boosts, so it looks fresher. We’ll take it! Follow these four pro printers.

Get focused. Don’t spray it all over. Target particularly gunky spots-around your hairline, part, and crown. Lift up 2-inch sections of hair and spray roots, says Rhys.

Not so close. Spritz from 3 to 5 inches away from the scalp, says Webb. Otherwise, you’ll end up with big hard-to-blend globs.

Massage it. This is when the magic happens. “The more you rub it in with your fingertips, the better it absorbs oils,” says Toth. If you brush to blend, you’ll only brush it out.

Apply at night. If you sweat when you sleep, spritz it on you hairline and at the nape of the neck before bed, so you wake up with fresh hair, says Webb. (Then skip it in the morning.)

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Halloween How-To: Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton Hairstyles


No matter your political view, it’s safe to say both candidates have iconic hair to make your halloween costume stand apart. Cricket Ambassador, Jet from Jet Rhys Salon shares her step-by-steps to achieve each of the candidates’ hairstyles.

Donald Trump Comb Over How-To
Cricket Ambassador, Jet from Jet Rhys Salon

Take the Silkomb Pro-50 to divide the hair at the crown to create a half-down / half-up style. Clip up the top section away from the rest of the hair.
Apply a quarter-size amount of gel (ABBA Style Gel) into your palm and emulsify with both hands. Distribute throughout the sides and back of hair.
With the Silkomb Pro-50, comb the bottom section of hair back and secure with bobby pins. Note: if the back of the hair is longer than the bottom of the neck, you will need to roll the ends inward until it is gathered at the nape of the neck. Secure with bobby pins.
Unclip the top section of hair and spritz with hairspray (MOP C-System Firm Finish Hairspray). Using the Amped Up Teasing Brush, take two inch sections and tease (or back comb) from roots to ends. Repeat this step throughout the top section.
Using the Centrix Heat Boss Paddle Brush, lightly brush the teased section in an S-shape (brush forwards then push it over to the one side to keep a lot of the teasing in the hair, but this is what gives the bang area the cotton candy effect). Spray the hair generously with hair spray (MOP C-System Firm Finish Hairspray).
BONUS: spray a temporary hair colored spray throughout. Orange or a gold orange would be the best!

Hillary Clinton Sleek Blow Out How-To
Cricket Ambassador, Jet from Jet Rhys Salon

Apply a style spray (ABBA Style Spray) to damp hair.
Blow dry hair with the Centrix Heat Boss Small Thermal Brush, brushing hair backwards.
Once dry, start at the bang area on one side and begin taking one inch section. Use the Ultra Smooth Curling Iron and create big curls. Repeat to the other side until entire head is curled.
With the Centrix Heat Boss Paddle Brush, lightly brush through the hair. Spray generously with hairspray (MOP C-System Firm Finish Hairspray).
Take the tail end of the Silkomb Pro-50, separate the ends of the hair to create texture.
Finish by generously spraying hairspray (MOP C-System Firm Finish Hairspray) all over for hold.


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