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Try Razored Layers

Fall in love with your bob all over again by having your stylist add some razored layers, suggests Stylist Jet Rhys of Solana Beach, CA–it will let you achieve loose, lived-in texture. Plus, the razor allows hair to look piece-y with minimal layers. Find a stylist who specializes in razor-cutting and ask for weight removal instead of short layers.

The Worst Hairstyles for Your Hair

Amidst the buns-cause-baldness reports, we looked at other hairstyles wreaking havoc on your strands, and found three more do’s that are really hair don’ts

By Melanie Rud Chadwick
woman-yoga-bunWhen we heard that the man bun can lead to baldness, it led us to wonder—does the same hold true for women?

“Absolutely,” says Jet Rhys, a celebrity stylist in Solana Beach, CA. “Regularly keeping your hair in a tight bun can cause hair loss, particularly in the spot where the bun sits at the back of your head.”

The constant tension leads to traction alopecia, hair loss that occurs when there’s constant pulling on the root. So if it turns out the top knot is not so good for our locks, are there other ‘dos that have similarly damaging effects? Here, three common hairstyles that cause tress stress.



An Overly Taut Ponytail

While a tight, perky pony may look great, pulling your hair back too tightly is a prime cause of traction alopecia on the sides of your head (not to mention headaches to boot). Your elastic may also be doing damage. Rhys suggests using a soft, fabric option, without any metal that can cause snags and breakage. Try: Scunci No Damage Elastics.

Braids Arounds Your Hairline

Sure, delicate plaits that frame your face look pretty, but the effects are anything but. “The hair around your hairline is the thinnest and most delicate, making it especially susceptible to breaking and snapping anytime you pull on it,” Rhys explains. A better bet: Keep braids further towards the back of your head, and leave them loose to minimize tugging at the root.

A Daily Blowout

Simultaneously brushing and blow-drying is a major no-no, says Rhys: “Hair is the most fragile when it’s wet. Brushing it before it’s at least 80 percent dry can cause baldness or breakage,” he adds. To further safeguard your strands, use an ionic, tourmaline brush—it smooths hair and reduces static electricity, so you don’t have to brush so vigorously. One to try: Ion Ceramic Round Boar Bristle Brush.


First for Women | Look 10 years younger with the right cut!

Found! 9 age-erasing styles. Discover the one that’s perfect for your face shape.
ffw-article1-oct15-webJada Pinkett Smith
The Sleek Slant / Best for square faces

Before: Hair that cascades well past the shoulders pulls the eye down, which can accentuate any facial droopiness—especially under the eyes. “Plus, the lack of face-framing layers enhances the angles on a square jaw,” says celebrity hairstylist Jet Rhys with Cricket hair tools.
Now: An edge that curves in at the chin has a youthful vibe, plus it softens strong features. And the sleek style makes hair look shiny and healthy.
Ask For: An asymmetrical blunt bob with semi-stacked layers in back and a deep-set part in front.
Tip: Opt for a flatiron infused with nourishing macadamia oil to lock in shine.


ffw-article2-oct15-webNicole Kidman
The Sassy Swing / Best for oval faces

Before: A long shapeless style can make an oval face look drawn and gaunt, says Rhys.
Now: Layers that start at the chin add youthful swing to hair, plus make cheeks appear fuller.
Ask For: A collarbone-length cut with subtle chin-length layers.
Tip: Cut blow-drying time in half with a drying spray.






ffw-article3-oct15-webMelora Hardin
The Modern Pixie / Best for square faces

Before: “Youthful features like high cheekbones and a smooth décolleté can get lost in hair that hangs past the shoulders,” says celebrity hairstylist Jet Rhys. “Plus, this style accentuates a square jawline and hides a long neck.”
Now: A pixie with layers at the crown helps soften harsh facial angles while wispy bangs draw attention to bright eyes and a megawatt smile. This cut also opens up the neckline for a slimmer look overall.
Ask For: A pixie that’s slightly stacked in back with short layers on top that gradually lengthen toward the front of the face.
Tip: Work a dime-size amount of wax into dry hair to give strands a boost and lock in piecey, tousled bangs.


ffw-article4-oct15-webAngela Bassett
The Textured Bob / Best for round faces

Before: Long dry-looking locks tend to pull warmth away from the skin, making the face look sallow or ashy. Plus says celebrity stylist Jet Rhys, frizz from long spiral curls creates a poufiness that overwhelms the face while a middle part further widens a round face.
Now: Full layers and a deep-set side part give the face a more angular, slimmer appearance. And the smoother waves reflect shine that provides the face with a youthful luster.
Ask For: An uneven bob that falls even with the tip of the chin with long, heavy texturized layers and bangs that reach the ear.
Tip: For euro waves, use two curling irons. Start with a 1 1/2” curling iron and wrap hair going away from the face; curl all hair and let cool. Then take a 1/2” iron and re-curl the tips only. Set with spray.

Short Hair Style Guide | League of their own: Layers

by Chryso D’Angelo

Get a Thicker Look…Without “Wig” Hair

Layers can help fine, straight locks look thicker, but only if your stylist knows what’s up. Ask her to keep the perimeter blunt, says Jet Rhys, owner of her namesake salon in Solana Beach, CA. “This expands the visual look of the line. Adding ever-so-slight long layers throughout the edge of your cut will keep the shape swingy, not wiggy.”

Short Hair Presents: 2016 Hair Preview | Fine Hair Magic

Hair-cover-fall_winter15 Hair-article-fall_winter15

by Chryso D’Angelo

Long hair is such a drag on thin locks, while shorter cuts can make hair look even sparser. That’s why middies are magic for strands in need of a pick-me-up. To make hair look thicker, try a:

Wonder Cut
Ask your stylist to keep the edges of your style blunt; this adds weight, which creates the appearance of thicker hair.

Product Superstar
Use a generous amount of thickening spray from roots to ends, then add a dime-sized spot of Bumble and bumble All-Style Blow Dry to absorb oil. – Jet Rhys, Owner of Jet Rhys Salon, Solana Beach, CA