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Bumble and bumble Network Salons across the country are home to exceptional hairdressers schooled in our philosophy of cut, color and styling, and we’re incredibly proud of them and what they do.

Each month, we will showcase one of these Bb.Network Salons as part of our Bb.Salons We Love spotlight. We hope you will celebrate this talented group with us – chances are, there’s one near you.

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7 Steps to Making Your Blowout Last Longer

Better hair days are ahead.

By Courtney Leiva


Whether it’s the undeniable sex appeal, or the fact that you didn’t have to do your hair yourself, life usually doesn’t get much better after a salon fresh blowout. But even though you’re on a beauty high — and you’re running your hands through your hair only a hundred million times — chances are it may be hard to keep that style looking fresh for the next couple of days.

Between the changing elements, intense workouts, and the stresses of daily life, managing salon fresh hairstyles can be hard task. But with the right tips and tricks stored inside your beauty arsenal, keeping your blowouts fresh and clean doesn’t have be a pain in your backside. To make your salon looks last extra long, here’s seven easy ways to keep your styles looking great come five days after your blowout.

Don’t Touch Your Hair

Although it’s more than tempting to run your fingers through your silky smooth tresses, it’s super important to keep your hands out of your hair as much as possible. Fingers often aren’t as clean as we hoped and unwashed hands can be the biggest contributor to #blowoutfails everywhere.
“Avoid brushing or running your fingers through your hair,” explains Jet Rhys, owner of the Jet Rhys Salon in San Diego. “Even though we do our best to keep our hands clean throughout the day, touching it frequently aids in distributing your natural oils throughout the hair.”

Use Dry Shampoo

Come day two or three after your blowout, it may be hard to keep oiliness at bay. And being that our hair functions like a porous sponge, unwanted smells can also wreak havoc on any style you are trying to preserve. However, instead of shampooing frequently, investing in a good dry shampoo product can help absorb oils and odors, while keeping your hair smelling extra fresh.

“After the second and third day it’s more than common for the front of your hair to get the greasiest first,” Rhys explains. “Instead of shampooing, try spritzing that area with a dry shampoo, then massage with the pads of your finger tips. This will soak up any oil, and add some volume to the hair.”

Use A Scrunchie

Preserving your styles while you sleep can be more than challenging, but in using the right shortcuts, you can definitely keep your mane looking glamorous. Sleeping in a fabric scrunchie for starters, helps provide natural volume without weighing down your hair in the process.

“Before bedtime, pile your hair on the top of your head using a fabric scrunchie to retain body and fullness,” adds Rhys. “Using an elastic band will only cause a crease.”

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Hot Hair Treatment Victoria’s Secret Models Swear By Is Truly Dangerous


This is one trend we hope doesn’t spread like wildfire. Several weeks ago, Victoria’s Secret model and stunning celeb mama Alessandra Ambrosio shared a photo of herself undergoing a trendy hair treatment that’s super-hot. Literally.

The treatment, which has been done in Brazil for years and is also beloved by models Barbara Fialho and Isabeli Fontana, is called velaterapia. Vela means “candle” in Spanish, and the process involves having a stylist twist a lock of hair and then pass a flame over the raggedy ends that stick out. They sizzle away, supposedly leaving you with hair that’s less frazzled. Buh-bye, split ends!

Here’s Alessandra’s buzz-worthy pic of the treatment:

The VS Angel may love it, but Smokey the Bear is not the only one who doesn’t think you should try this at home. What you’re frying off may not actually be splits, according to celebrity stylist Jet Rhys, stylist and owner of the Jet Rhys Salon in Solana Beach, California.

She explained to us exclusively:

“When the hair is twisted in sections, of course you will have ends sticking out. Those could be the layers your stylist just gave you.”

If you use conditioner to keep hair hydrated, you shouldn’t have splits traveling up the length of the hair shaft. Unless you’ve just gotten a trim, she says, “all of us have some split ends only on the bottom edge of the hair.”

Rhys adds:

“I would never, ever trust anyone with a candle near my hair, head, or face. Accidents can happen. I plead that this will disappear, because I can only imagine what will happen if women try this at home.”

She also points out that the lighting in the “after” photo was a lot brighter: “All hair looks more radiant under the right lighting, and after a professional blow dry.”

In the end, we think we’ll stick to a good old scissor trim every six to eight weeks for shaped-up hair.



Jet Rhys hosted a Bumble and bumble Education Event with Nicholas Roach!