The Best Hairstyles to Protect Your Scalp and Hair from the Sun


By Shannon Farrell

We spend so much time safeguarding the skin on our bodies from the sun (and with the rise of melanoma, it’s warranted), but we often forget to protect the skin (and strands!) on our heads. Your scalp can get sunburned, and in fact, it’s one of the areas on the body that many women overlook when applying sunscreen, which can ultimately lead to skin cancer. Yikes. What’s more, all that exposure to UV rays can fry your hair and fade your color, too. Luckily, there are some super cute hairstyles you can wear that will protect both your scalp and your hair from summertime damage. The best part is, they’re all so easy! Here are our faves:


ariana_grande-2_tiered_ponyTwo-Tiered Ponytail

Inspired by Ariana Grande’s signature pony, this style is an upgrade on the basic ponytail—and a way to shield your scalp from harsh UV rays, too, says Jet Rhys, hairstylist and co-owner of the Jet Rhys Salon in San Diego. Here’s how to do it: Brush your hair back so that your part is covered. Divide the top of your hair from the bottom of your hair, from ear to ear, so you have two sections. Secure the top section with a ponytail holder, then secure the bottom section with a ponytail holder. The top ponytail covers the bottom one so you won’t be able to tell that they are separate. “They look connected, [and] your hair looks really long—like you have a hair piece,” says Rhys.

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6 Adorable ‘Dos for Frizzy-Hair Weather

By Christina Heiser

You don’t have to run for cover when humidity hits.

Ah, summer—on the one hand, you’re elated to break out your favorite brightly colored sundresses and open-toe sandals now that warmer temps are here. But humidity is kind of your hair’s mortal enemy—especially if your natural texture happens to be coarse. Seriously, why does it seem like no matter what you do on a summer day, your hair just won’t stay sleek and smooth?

It’s time to stop fighting with your hair and embrace what you’ve got—frizz and all—this season. First things first, it’s important to arm yourself with the right tools.

And if you’ve got long hair, you’re in luck. “If you have that texture of hair that’s really challenging—coarse hair—the longer the hair, the more it will cooperate,” says Jet Rhys, celebrity hairstylist and co-owner of the Jet Rhys Salon in San Diego. Since length adds weight, long hair will make your hair less susceptible to becoming poofy.

Now that you know how to prep your hair, it’s time to have fun! Here, the pros share their favorite styles to conceal frizz:


Twisted Top Knot

Upgrade your basic top knot with this version from Rhys. Start by applying a small amount of oil, like Bumble & bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil ($39, “You need something slippery but not greasy to help you grab your hair and tame your texture,” says Rhys. First, flip your head upside down and then divide your hair into two sections. Start braiding the two sections together (as if you were doing a classic braid, but with your hair separated into two sections instead of three) while your head is still down. Do this until you get to the end of your hair. Then, flip your head up, roll your hair in a circular motion into a coil on top of your head, and fasten with bobby pins. “As you’re criss-crossing the hair, you’re smoothing out that wiry, coarse texture,” says Rhys.

Double Headbands

“If you double your elastic headbands, it looks really adorable on coarse, frizz-prone hair,” says Rhys. “Plus, a little pop of color is fun in the summer.” Use a headband that’s not wider than an inch, like these shiny Goody SlideProof Skinny Bright Headwraps ($6 for a pack of three, available at drugstores). “Put one headband about half an inch off your hairline, and then put your next headband right behind your ears,” says Rhys. “Push forward so you can add a little bit of volume to your hair. It won’t get frizzy because that first headband is containing that frizz.”

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Short Hair | Star Makeovers: Fab Or Forget It?


Style Pros Weigh In On Some Brand New Looks.

We asked experts from coast to coast to tell us what they think about 10 stars’ recent ‘do-overs because we believe it’s only fair to get more than one opinion. And boy, did they disagree! Their votes were unanimous in three cases and the rest were all over the place, which just underlines the face that beauty is subjective. So see what they have to say, decide for yourself which (if any) look you prefer and consult with your stylist if you think one of their style-swaps might work for you.

Claire Holt

Jet: Her new look is stunning! It’s grown-up but not old and the minimal styling keeps it fresh and fun. The splash of vanilla in her color turns up the star power.

shorthair-article2-fall15-webSarah Harding

Jet: What a sassy new cut and color! The blonde is amped up–it’s less gold and more cashmere. I also like the length and minimal styling is sexy.

Sarah Hyland

Jet: Sarah’s after is perfect for her. Her lob’s deep waves make it fun and fresh. Plus, color ribbons flatter her skin tone and enhance the cut.

Emma Roberts

Jet: Her hair was sweet before, but the new one has a grungy, edgy vibe. Also, the color is great with more contrast.




Taylor Schilling

Jet: Her before worked better–it had a sweet, playful feel and the side-swept bang was gorgeous. Also, the deep honey/nectar color made her look radiant.

Joey King

Jet: Joey rocks the after! Keeping it a little longer helps tame her texture and the color is perfect. I love the less made-up face, which directs all the attention to the hair.

Nicky Whelan

Jet: Nicky’s before is my fave. The natural texture is playful and the color is right on-point with her skin tone, plus it enhances her eyes.




Iliza Shlesinger

Jet: The before is my hands-down fave! The color worked brilliantly with her skin tone and the length played up her bone structure. I also like the flatter roots and carefree waves.

Lily Collins

Jet: Lily’s after is the winner! It’s a sleek, well-polished but not stiff cut that accentuates her features and the maple brown color enhances her texture and skin tone.

Ashlee Simpson

Jet: This is a powerful transformation. The cut frames her face and she’s awesome in icy blonde..without roots!