How Long You Should Wait to Work Out After Getting a Wax, Pedi, and Other Beauty Services

By Courtney Leiva

Don’t let exercise spoil your skin or hair.

If you’re like most women, you probably keep a regular schedule of beauty appointments—and you’d never miss your monthly bikini wax, right? But when it comes to exercising, some of your favorite workouts—namely the sweat, dirt, and bacteria that can come along with them—could actually interfere with your beauty routine. So follow this advice for exercising post-wax, blow-out, and more.



You sat in the salon chair for an hour having your hair primped to perfection—and working up a major sweat too quickly afterward could leave your locks limp. “On the day of your blow-out, you might want to do light weights or low-intensity cardio,” says Jet Rhys, owner of Jet Rhys Salon in San Diego. “On the second day, you can do more intense workouts. To help preserve your blow-out, you can always wear super absorbent cotton headbands, as sweat is collected into the band and not your hair.” For a sweat-proof style, opt for a loose bun high off your face. “When working out, it’s important to keep your hair up,” says Rhys. “For a low-fuss style that volumizes your blow-out, simply pile the hair into a loose bun and secure with bobby bins. To avoid sweat from affecting your bun, make sure that your updo isn’t super tight.”


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