Health | 50 Ways to Cover Your Gray


If sneaky strands of gray or white refuse to submit to your styling attempts, we’ve got the goods, tips, and tricks to help you whip your hair into shape. Your new safe word will be “gorgeous.”

by Maria Ricapito

6. Powder puff

Hair powders soak up excess oil (great for a non-shampoo day) and add a bit of body. “I love [Bumble and Bumble] because it also adds a hint of shine,” says celebrity stylist Jet Rhys. “It’s not dull and powdery-looking.” Her tip: To avoid getting any splotches on hair, skin, or clothes, spray the shampoo on a brush then brush the scalp, and spray before you’re dressed.
Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder (in A Tint of Brown, A Bit Blondish, or Black), $36;

7. Makeup makeover

Use a brow pencil in a color similar to your locks for an on-the-go cover-up. Do the same with eye shadow; though Rhys suggests picking one with a sponge tip brush, for easiest application.

24. Dry idea

Another fool-the-eye try: Add lift to the hair at your crown and/or bangs with a volumizing product and a blow dryer. “Get dry shampoo, put it in your part, and rough it up a bit,” says Macintosh. “Hair will stick up a bit, and you won’t notice the gray as much.” Rhys suggests a little light teasing, or a few hot rollers at the crown for a similar effect.

39. Shady lady

Flip the script on ombré hair! Usually, that trendy look is darker on top, then progressively lighter. “The darker the hair is, the more apparent the gray will look at the root line,” says Rhys. Our twist: Go lighter at the top, darkening toward the ends.

42. Brush up

Balayage, or painting in color freehand, is another technique used to minimize obvious roots. “Have your colorist cover the gray at the root area,” says Rhys. Then, have him or her use balayage on selected strands of hair with a darker color. “This makes it look more natural, like you were born with it.”

43. Just the highlights

They don’t always have to be blonde. “Highlighting comes in all colors,” says Rhys. “If you have red hair, your colorist can add lighter strands of a red to add lightness which will soften and blend the gray. If you have brown hair, ask your colorist for soft caramel lights to do the same. Honey blond? Add some pale baby blonde to the hair.”

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