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We enlisted Sally Hershberger Downtown salon senior stylist Matt Fugate (@mattshair) and salon owners Oscar Blandi (@OscarBlandi) and Jet Rhys (@jetrhyshair) to address your warm-weather hair concerns in 140 characters or less

“Biotin can help promote hair growth. Since full hair looks longer, trick the eye by dyeing a darker shade to plump cuticles in the meantime.” (JET)

“Estrogen starts to drop in the mid-30s, causing hair to “age” and become dry. Products with vitamin B and fatty acids help add moisture.” (JET)

“Before working up sweat, prep hair with dry shampoo at the roots and twist hair into a whimsical topknot to prolong the style.” (JET)

Women’s Health | Sex up Your Look—in 15 Minutes Tops


Go from basic to bow-chicka-wow-wow in no time flat.

By Tiffany McHugh

Ah, the getting-ready scramble. Is there any panic quite like the one that settles in when you glance down at your phone and realize you have 15 minutes to go from blah to Beyoncé? Arm yourself with these expert tips so that the next time the clock strikes late, you’ve got your look under control.

1. Take Care of Your Roots

Paying a little attention to your scalp goes a long way to making you over in a jiffy, says Jet Rhys, owner of Jet Rhys Salon in San Diego—and it only takes seconds. “Flip your head upside down, and give your scalp a massage,” she says. The motion wakes up the hair follicles, distributes natural oils, and adds movement to your hair. And always keep hair powder on hand. “It really is a lifesaver when running late,” says Rhys. She likes Bumble and Bumble prêt-à-powder ($22, “It revives hair in a nanosecond, giving you tons of volume.”

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Jet Rhys’s Head-to-Toe View

When it comes to A-list style, celebrity hairstylist Jet Rhys has her finger on the pulse.
“It gets me going when I see a beautiful woman put together head to toe,” she says, discussing what inspires her creative energy. “I get excited when I see people dressed up–great shoes, great bags. Put a little effort into it,” she adds. “No flip-flops.”

Here, Rhys, creative director at Jet Rhys Salon in San Diego and ambassador for Cricket hairstyling tools, pairs ready-to-wear trends with recent celebrity ‘dos.

michelle_williams-zapposMichelle Williams:

“Even though her Louis Vuitton ad is from 2014, woman still have that picture in their purse and they carry it around with them,” Rhys says of the actress’s cut, cropped with bangs swept to the side. “I see that haircut paired with a trouser suit–that’s so hot for spring–for day and evening.”

taylor_swift-zapposTaylor Swift:

“It’s carefree, but it’s done on purpose with a curling wand,” Rhys says of the singer’s waves. “She’s no wallflower, but bohemian and ubersexy, groomed boho.” And the same goes for the clothes. “I see Taylor Swift wearing bohemian, flowy [looks] for evening.”

Coco Rocha:

“She’s causing a real stir with our younger clients with her bright, fire-engine red hair, androgynous cuts, and rosy cheeks,” says Rhys. “Her short little pixie is iconic like Twiggy.” Rhys sees Rocha in “denim everything. But really in jumpsuits she’ll look superfierce.”

lauren_conrad-zapposLauren Conrad:

“Her new swingy bob [goes] with everything suede,” says Rhys. “A little cropped top and a skirt” complements the look, and the material hits on the Seventies inspirations for spring.

Rhys, weighing in on the increasingly popular long bob, or “lob” for short, calls the look the “ultimate little black dress of haircuts. It’s the varying lengths, anywhere from the chin to the base of the neck. Once it goes pas your collarbone, it’s a whole different haircut.

“Long hair was a staple for the last five years; now there’s a call to order for short haircuts,” Rhys adds. “Long hair is going out. The bob, lob, middy…like red lipstick, it will never go out of style.”