Celebrity Hairstyles: Short Hair Style Guide

Celebhair-article1-fall14-webInsider Secrets

“A heart-shaped face is great for short hair,” says Jet Rhys, owner of her namesake salon in San Diego, CA. “It looks feminine because of the cheekbones.” Rhys suggests hearts try short pixies or bobs.

“Avoid short cuts if you have thick hair or coarse, curly texture,” says Rhys. “The added bulk and weight can easily make a short cut look matronly.”

“For thick to medium hair, find a stylist who specializes in razor-cutting,” advises Rhys. “This technique, when utilized properly, can shed weight in hair without over-layering and creates movement in full strands that is hard to replicate with scissors alone.”




Celebhair-article3-fall14-webA+ Finish

“Wax is the best product for short hair,” says Jet Rhys, Stylist and Owner of Jet Rhys salons in San Diego, CA. “After the hair is dried and styled, take a swipe from the jar and emulsify it between your hands. Next, pinch the product with your fingers to piece out the layers and add definitÚn.”







Celebhair-article4-fall14-webMovement is Key

Expect to see blunt shapes with lots of internal movement and natural wave this fall, according to Jet Rhys, Stylist and Owner of her namesake salons in San Diego, CA. “I’m in love with the airy yet structured effects created by a ‘straight razor’ haircut,” says Rhys. “Add a blunt fringe with notched-out pieces to finish.”







Say ’No’ To Silicone

I’m not a fan of silicone-based products on short hair. Though they can help prevent frizz, they are very heavy and make short hair look dirty and flat.”
––Jet Rhys, Stylist and Owner of her namesake salons in San Diego, CA