Centrix Q-Zone Lightweight Dryer





by: Jet Rhys
Celebrity Stylist

“This dryer is so quiet I can actually have a conversation with a client while I blow-dry her hair.”

I have been around blow dryers pretty much my entire life — it’s honestly one of the reasons why I think I can’t hear as well as I used too. Which is why the Centrix Q-Zone Lightweight Dryer is such a welcome new tool — it’s so quiet I can actually hear my clients perfectly because I am not competing with the noise of a blow dryer! This little engine that could is as light as a feather and packs major power with a 1500 watt motor which is perfect for me at home because it cuts my drying time in half! It’s also a savior for my busy clients who don’t have the time to sit for long hours in the salon for styling. This little baby will smooth out the most stubborn, kinky roots on the planet!