Fashion Fairytale | Jet Rhys Hair


// On friday I went to the Jet Rhys Hair Salon in Hillcrest, San Diego.

After being upset about my hair for the past couple of months I was really looking forward to trying a new salon. The last place I went to left me with a cut that was too short and a color that was just a bit off. However, the Jet Rhys hair salon provided me with an excellent blonde color and wonderful experience that took place in their hip and architecturally interesting salon in my favorite neighborhood, Hillcrest. Being a design student I not only take into account the beauty aspects of a salon but I tend to look at the interior and esthetics as a whole. The Jet Rhys Salon works with Bumble and Bumble Products, which smell incredible and are very popular among celebs and during the New York Fashion Week. At the Jet Rhys Salon, Brock was in charge of my hair and I have to say that he is a color magician! He added some subtle highlights and unified my hair to make it look healthier and more natural. As a finishing touch he added some of Bumble and Bumble’s Drypun Finishing Spray that instantly added some volume to my fine hair and held a kind of “airy” texture. Brock and his assistant were both very nice, with a passion for every detail and I could easily see that they enjoyed their job. While I was getting my hair done I had a nice conversation with Brock about the whole process of continuous training that each member of the Jet Rhys team has to undergo in order to be so superb. I finally reached the blonde that I’ve always wanted and I’m super happy that I found a salon in San Diego that I will always look forward to visiting again and again. I strongly recommend!

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