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TO PREVENT THE HUE OF YOUR HAIR from fading, cover it up. “A hat is an obvious option, but you can also pull it back in a French twist or a topknot so less of its is exposed,” says Jet Rhys, owner of Jet Rhys Hair Salons in San Diego. Finish with a a sun-shielding styler like L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray UV Filter ($15, drugstores).
Some sun is unavoidable, so make sure your haircolor has subtle variations in it to help camouflage fading. Try John Frieda Precision Foam Colour Salon Blends ($13, drugstores), which has three tones per kit. And don’t overdo it with hot tools. “Overprocessed hair is more susceptible to UV damage,” says Alli Webb, founder of Drybar, headquartered in L.A. When you do use them, start with a heat protector, like Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe Heat Protection Mist ($15, drugstores).

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Pictures from our latest Bumble & bumble styling classat our Solana Beach location!



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Avoid These 5 At-Home Hair Color Mistakes

by Grace Gold

Don’t be afraid of dyeing! Expert hair colorists help you avoid at-home color catastrophes by sharing the biggest mistakes women make when coloring their hair.
picture_on_the_boxDon’t Go by the Picture on the Box

Those glossy glamour shots on boxes of at-home hair color may catch your eye with a brilliant shade, but it’s vital to keep in mind that the color may not necessarily turn out the same on you. “The color you end up with depends on your current hair color and can also be affected by any processing you may already have done to your hair,” explains Jet Rhys, the owner of Jet Rhys Salons in San Diego. In general, you’ll be safe if you select a neutral or warm shade. When in doubt, select a lighter color than you want, because while you can always go darker, removing color isn’t always as easy.

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Fashion Fairytale | Jet Rhys Hair


// On friday I went to the Jet Rhys Hair Salon in Hillcrest, San Diego.

After being upset about my hair for the past couple of months I was really looking forward to trying a new salon. The last place I went to left me with a cut that was too short and a color that was just a bit off. However, the Jet Rhys hair salon provided me with an excellent blonde color and wonderful experience that took place in their hip and architecturally interesting salon in my favorite neighborhood, Hillcrest. Being a design student I not only take into account the beauty aspects of a salon but I tend to look at the interior and esthetics as a whole. The Jet Rhys Salon works with Bumble and Bumble Products, which smell incredible and are very popular among celebs and during the New York Fashion Week. At the Jet Rhys Salon, Brock was in charge of my hair and I have to say that he is a color magician! He added some subtle highlights and unified my hair to make it look healthier and more natural. As a finishing touch he added some of Bumble and Bumble’s Drypun Finishing Spray that instantly added some volume to my fine hair and held a kind of “airy” texture. Brock and his assistant were both very nice, with a passion for every detail and I could easily see that they enjoyed their job. While I was getting my hair done I had a nice conversation with Brock about the whole process of continuous training that each member of the Jet Rhys team has to undergo in order to be so superb. I finally reached the blonde that I’ve always wanted and I’m super happy that I found a salon in San Diego that I will always look forward to visiting again and again. I strongly recommend!

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How to Have Healthy and Shiny Dark Hair

Dial up the radiance on rich brunette and intense black hair color with top secrets from celebrity colorists — and keep your dark hair looking lustrous and healthy.
How-to-Have-Healthy-and-Shiny-Dark-HairColor Without Fear

The upside to going dark is that it doesn’t require damaging ammonia and peroxide to lift the cuticle (the outer layer of the hair), as going lighter would. Dyeing your hair a darker shade can even leave strands healthier than before you hit the bottle, because the color often contains conditioning ingredients that strengthen hair, says Jet Rhys, the owner of Jet Rhys Salons in San Diego.
“Opt for a vegetable dye or semipermanent hair color with emollients and proteins for hydrated hair that shines,” says White. Use a product specifically tailored for brunette and auburn hair, such as Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color.

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