Cricket Centrix Alumilite Thermal Round Brush


by: Jet Rhys
Celebrity Stylist

“The ceramic technology heats up enough to smooth out hair and create big, beautiful bouncy waves!”
This brush proves that all round brushes are not created equal! Cricket Centrix Alumilite Thermal Round Brush is the best round brush I’ve ever worked with. For any style I’m trying to create, it delivers quick and easy mega-volume for Victoria’s Secret bombshell hair. For me, using the right tools is so important whether I am in the salon or on a photo shoot because time is of the essence. These round brushes are super lightweight which is easy on the wrists and makes for quicker results. I love the ionic nylon bristles because they’re built to last, compared to the boar bristles that get a little wonky after time because they can’t withstand the constant heat of the blow-dryer. And, the nylon seamlessly catches the hair without pulling! This prevents damage and split ends.