Simplify Your Makeup Routine and Look Younger

When it comes to makeup, less is definitely more. Here, watch how one busy mom learned some simple tricks to take years off her look.

By Christina Heiser

Candis, a 48-year-old mother of six, was pretty heavy-handed when it came to applying makeup, and her beauty habits were seriously aging her. So she teamed up with stylist Michelle Money from Image Studios for a makeover that would soften her hairstyle and makeup for a much younger look.

“Candis does wear a lot of makeup and it definitely does age her,” says Money. “Less is more. When you want to look younger and more fresh, take it easy on the foundation, take it easy on the eyeliner, it will definitely make you look younger.”

Watch the video here to see how Money revamped Candis’s beauty routine — plus read on for anti-aging tips from Jet Rhys, a celebrity hairstylist and co-owner of Jet Rhys Salons in San Diego, and Amy Nadine, Proactiv makeup aritst.

Add Shine Back to Your Strands

Money started by blow-drying Candis’s hair, stressing the importance of using a shine serum and heat protector, especially if you’re a blonde like Candis. “What I’m going to be doing is really focusing on getting that shine and that luminous look back and then smoothing it out really nicely with a round brush,” says Money.
Since blondes can also turn brassy, Money recommends using a violet-tinted shampoo to maintain the color. Additionally, Money explains that bangs are a great addition to a hairstyle if you want to look younger, since they cover wrinkles.

Choose a Haircut With Movement

If you’re over 40 like Candis, stay away from haircuts with strong lines like a short bob or pixie cut because they’ll just draw more attention to your neck, chin, and face.
“We want to soften our styles, not look too severe,” says Rhys. “You want a haircut to move — this is the key to youthfulness. It’s very sexy to see hair swing and blow around.”

Pay Attention to Your Eyes

After smoothing out Candis’ hair and adding major shine to her strands, Money worked on lightening up Candis’s makeup. She started by filling in her brows.
“When your hair’s blonde, you don’t want to take the brows too dark, but you do want to take it to the darkest base color of your hair,” says Money. “A lot of times it will look a little bit more warm and you can see the red undertones.”

Additionally, Nadine suggests switching from a powder eye shadow to a cream one. She likes Chanel Illusion Ombre and Maybelline Colour Tattoos.

Watch the episode of Make Me Younger above to see Candis’s amazing transformation — and get even more ideas for revitalizing your own look.