The Key to Summer Locks

by Deprise Brazel

Summer is here and we are bored with our hair. To get some tips from a pro, I interviewed the San Diego stylist Jet Rhys, owner of Jet Rhys Salon in San Diego.

When I asked if a client were to come into her salon asking for the latest trends for summer, she said they all seem to be looking for a summer hair color to look like they were on the beach and getting sun to create a natural summer glow. “There is a new technique called balayage (as seen on Sarah Jessica Parker).It allows you to add a pop of color without looking too bright or too freshly done,” says Jet. She adds that it looks great on most lengths of hair and can be used on virtually all hair colors as well. “As far as a summer cut, everyone is in need of a good, healthy trim after the dry months of winter, and especially for the beach-goers with crispy ends.”

Any San Diegan can relate when Jet addresses the summer heat: “We want our hair off our necks and to embrace our natural hair texture.” Having to blow-dry hair during the summer months is dreaded because it gets so hot. Jet suggests we should put ourselves on a hot tool hair diet. “Ban your blow dryer during the beach season to make your life easier and hair healthier!”

Another solution for styling hair during summer is braids because they add an abundant amount of texture to hair, and minimize frizz. Jet recommends trying to braid hair when it is slightly damp before bedtime and undo it in the morning for controlled, beachy waves.

As far as colors go, Jet notes the ombre trend and its sister, the balayage. “Temporary pastel tones on ombre, especially on blondes, looks really cool and is perfect for summertime.” She suggests colors such as bubble gum pink, baby blue, and lavender, but mentions that colors mostly come in brights. According to Jet, you can make temporary colors as bright or as diluted as you want, but not by simply watering it down. She says, “I experimented with making the colors more pastel by adding conditioner, since it is white-based, and it worked!” It is easy and fun to add the temporary color to your hair, but she recommends applying the color to dry hair, because if the hair is wet the color will wash right down the drain, and applying the color with your fingers to completely saturate your hair. She adds, “just leave it in to dry until the next time you shampoo.” This look is especially great for platinum and bleach blondes (as seen on Lauren Conrad). “You can put the color around your face and at the nape of your neck, in addition to your ends, for a peek-a-boo of color,” says Jet.

With the resort 2013 designer collections coming out recently, we see stylists use anything from basic middle-parts, to sleek up-dos with long ponys, to hair that hasn’t been touched. Jet notes that the runway will always be a source of inspiration for her, but that she does not take it all too literally. “Runway hair is just like fashion: always over the top. There are a few levels beyond what we do on a daily basis and many clients will not wear runway hair.” However, she seems to find a compromise amid the extremes; instead of an all-over crimp, maybe Jet will style big, loopy waves, or instead of a super asymmetrical bob, she will bring it down a few notches.

“Hair and fashion keep evolving; they both live on the season. Stylists have to create new hair trends just like designers have to create their trends, hand in hand.” As clients, we love the ever-changing industries because it allows us to express our individuality, and have fun with it. Among Jet’s favorite designers are Marni, Suno and Proenza Schouler. She loves all the shapes, patterns and pops of color from all three.

Summer is here and people tend to want to experiment more with their appearances, especially their hair. So I asked Jet if there is anything she has wanted to experiment with this summer. Although she likes the ombre trend, she is beginning to get broad with the monotonous dark-brown-to-blonde look. “I want to find a redhead model/client and make an extreme version of the ombre.” Since redheads, cool as they are, usually have only one color, she wanted to recreate flame starting with a deep auburn or vibrant red and ending with a bright orange.



As far as a haircut goes, she admires what she has been seeing on the streets lately. One such look is girls with long hair that hits either the collar-bone or shoulders, but with a shaved patch above their ear. When the hair is let down, it is less noticeable, but when in a side pony, it is very cute. “To dress it up,” Jet notes, “you can braid a section of hair above the shaved area to add a cool element of surprise (as seen on Alice Dellal). It’s like long hair on steroids!” Other ideas for long hair are high ballerina buns (as seen on Kate Bosworth), and short bangs above the eyebrows (as seen on Amy Paffrath).

Now that the secrets are exposed, go out there and show your individuality through your hair.
It’s summer!