Scrub Your Strands

by Grace Gold


You’ve heard of exfoliation for your face, but did you know your hair needs it, too? Styling products and impurities can build up in your hair, leading to dullness and limpness — both of which age your appearance. Once or twice a week, massage a scrub like Redken Refining Sea Polish ($19) into just-shampooed hair in circular motions to help scrub away residue and increase smoothness and shine.

Your scalp can also benefit from a scrub. “Your scalp is constantly shedding dead skin cells,” explains Jet Rhys, a San Diego, Calif., stylist and salon owner, “and buildup occurs when styling products, environmental pollutants, and chemicals from shower water settle on the scalp. It’s essential to exfoliate the scalp for healthy hair that looks youthful — you’ll get more youthful bounce from your hair too.”