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Outsmart Tangles

You may think that piling your hair on top of your head when you wash it gets you a deeper cleanse, but the habit can leave your strands in a tangled mess, says Jet Rhys, the owner of an eponymous salon in San Diego. Instead, gently rake the suds over your scalp and down the length of your hair with your fingertips, as if you were combing it. Distributing the shampoo from roots to ends ensures a thorough wash without the knots, Rhys explains.

Redbook: My Dandruff Is Driving Me Crazy! What Can I Do?

The Hairstylist Says:

“Dandruff is most visible on sleek, straight hair, so during bouts of flaking wear your hair with either a messy part or no part at all to obscure your scalp. If you have fine hair, use a round brush or a curling iron to create bend and body, which will hide the problem.” Adding a little height also helps, so Rhys recommends misting your roots with a volumizing spray or aerosol hairspray. “These contain alcohol, which will also absorb excess oil,” she says. Resist the urge to brush out the flakes. “Instead, sprinkle a tinted hair powder that matches your shade onto the flaky spots to camouflage them,” says Rhys; she recommends the tinted Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder, $35.