Family Circle: Insider Tip – Wave The Wand

Insider Tip

Wave The Wand

Recently I was griping to California-based hair stylist Jet Rhys about the near-constant case of hat hair that seems to plague me throughout the winter season.  She made a two-word suggestion that changed everything: clear mascara.  She told me that a gel-based formula would smooth those pesky strands at the crown and around the hairline-and it worked!

Oprah: How Can I Make a Salon Blow-Out Last?


How Can I Make A Salon Blow-Out Last?

A: There aren’t many things I’m an expert at. Actually, at this moment I can’t think of any things, except one: I know how to extend the life of a blow-out. Before I dwell too long on this haunting discovery, let me share my secrets (and stylist Jet Rhys’s excellent suggestions). After you leave the salon:

1 Keep your hands off your hair. And avoid brushing, too, adds Rhys. Handling and brushing distribute natural oils throughout your hair, which will hasten your need for a shampoo.
2 Don’t let the stylist use any styling products, and don’t use any at home, either. Most stylists look at me incredulously when I say, “No product, please,” but as Rhys points out, sprays and serums can attract dirt and oil.
3 In the shower, use a fabric-lined cap. It keeps your hair drier and protects against frizz better than a plastic cap, says Rhys.
4 If you need to revive your style, dampen the hair in front and on the crown, then spot blow-dry.

Keep in mind: When I ask specifically for a blow-out that will last several days, I get better results. Why? The stylist pays more attention, and uses a bit more heat, which increases the style’s hold.

Modern Salon: Color Shadowing

Color Shadowing

With variations on the bowl cut breaking out on runways, Jet Rhys, San Diego, California, Joe Randazzo, owner of Honolulu’s J salon and Yasmine Essa Brooks, Studio DNA, Los Angeles held a three-day Hawaiian teaching Soiree’ with the J salon team to perfect the cut and find the ideal color shift that underscores asymmetry. The model was a natural Level 3 with Level 6 gold-toned highlights.

V-Panel formula: 1 tube of L’Oréal Professionnel Majirel (4.65) Majirouge and 2.6 oz. of 20-volume Majicreme developer
Base formula: 1 tube of L’Oréal Professionnel Majirel (1N) and 2.6 oz. of 20-vol. Majicreme developer

Application: Create a deep, asymmetrical V-section, with the open ends beginning at the inner eye brow and behind the ear, and the point occurring just shy of the crown (this avoids a bright spot on top of the head). Work through the section in 1/4-inch slices, applying the V-panel formula from roots to ends. Outline the V-shape with cotton to prevent bleed. Then apply the Base formula to the regrowth of the rest of the hair, comb through to the ends and process for 30 minutes. Shampoo and rinse the Base formula first; then remove the foils and shampoo the V-shaped panel.