What do Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox and Jennifer Hudson have in common?

The Best Brunette Shades in Hollywood

Her lush, velvety brown hair color gives Kardashian another trademark feature. Ask your colorist for a neutral brown base without any red undertones, and delicate — not chunky — highlights in light copper, says Jet Rhys, colorist and owner of Jet Rhys Salon in San Diego.

Rhys says it’s best to seek professional help in trying to create this shade. “Most brown shades you buy at the drugstore have a lot of red in them,” she says. A colorist can neutralize the red so those copper highlights stand out as subtle hints of glimmer, not brassy stripes.

This versatile color can be worn by women whose skin tones range from milky to olive. It’s especially striking with light eyes. “Megan actually has what colorists call a ‘panel’ of auburn on one side of her hair, which is a section or slice of hair, rather than ribbons of highlights,” Rhys says. “It’s bold and edgy and works best on thicker, longer hair because you can choose to expose it and let it cascade through your hair or hide it behind your ear.”

This gorgeous shade of chocolate brown works so well for Hudson because she has lighter, maple accents woven throughout. You don’t want a solid brown — the ribbons of highlights bring light and depth to the tone, Rhys says.

You only need to color a few pieces surrounding your face for this effect, Rhys says. “Less is more with this technique — you want to lighten only about 20 percent of your hair.”