How To Make Your Straight Hair Wavy

Like most people, I often want what I can’t have. What I’m wanting these days is wavy hair. Not perfectly structured waves, but beachy, salt-of-the-earth ones — more Kate Hudson than Veronica Lake. Of course, I have lots of slippery, pin-straight hair, and all my wavy-haired friends think I’m crazy for wanting to join the frizz party. And, as many of you know, changing hair texture usually involves heat styling or some sort of damaging chemical process, which is partially why my stylist refuses to perm my hair (“Oh hon, that’s so early ’90s!”).

But hey, I’m stubborn … and determined. To get the lowdown on how to make waves safely, and get natural-looking results, I asked eco-friendly celeb hairstylist Jamal Hamadi, creator of biodegradable Hamadi Organics hair products, and San Diego-based celeb hairstylist Jet Rhys to share their tips.

“Anyone can have beachy waves … it’s just a matter of how you do it,” said Hamadi (prompting me to jump up and down with glee). The man knows what he’s talking about; he’s given almost every celebrity he’s styled, from Amber Valletta to Rachel Weisz, a naturally gorgeous set of waves. Try these three techniques at home, and everyone will think you have naturally wavy hair!