Martha Stewart Living: Up and Away



Up and Away

When you’ve had it with your hair in the heat and humidity, a headband is the most refreshing solution.

Once the province of senators’ wives and schoolgirls, headbands are no longer for the prim. In fact, the latest pieces are distinctly loose and flexible, with little to non of the stiff look and scalp-pinching feel of their predecessors. “Headbands are as versatile as a piece of jewelry,” says Jet Rhys, a hairstylist in San Diego. They’re also practical, offering a way to keep strands out of your face, not to mention hide grays or oily roots. On hot days, they’re good for mooring buns and other off-the-neck styles, making relaxed updos look considered rather than slapdash. And they tamp down frizz. Headbands may have loosened up, but they still have things under control.


Easing Their Grip

Head wraps are sleeker (and more comfortable) than rigid headbands. Here are our top picks.

The Skinny
“Thinner head wraps are more understated,” Rhys says. So go for a thin one to emphasize your hairstyle.
1. L. Erickson Ivy head wrap, in Silver/Gray, $18,
3. Jennifer Ouellette Forehead Memory headband with pleated satin, $65,
4. L. Erickson Sateen head wrap, in Beige, $14,
6. Pluma “Jo” Bronze Studded headband, $45,
8. Jennifer Ouellette Satin Elastic Plait headband, $50,

On The Wide Side
“Thicker head wraps and scarves make more of a statement,” Rhys says. Plus, they’re great for controlling frizz, masking gray of oily roots, and managing hair during a growing-out phase.
2. Jennifer Behr silk satin head wrap, in Pewter, $82,
5. J. McLaughlin Palm Spring silk sash, in Off White/Navy, $55,
7. Sue Maesta wide headband, in Black, $8,