Celebrity Hairstyles: Flatter Yourself!

Jet Rhys offers some suggestions on which cuts flatter different facial shapes.

The Heart face looks great in a swingy collarbone-length cut with long layers and soft, side-swept bangs that hit the eyebrows.

The Square face is accentuated by cuts and bangs that are too blunt or angular.  Opt for above-the-shoulder layers with wispy fringe and face-hugging pieces.

The Round face looks best in bobs that fall just below the chin and layers that kick off the face.  To be avoided: Very short, choppy cuts without hair around the face.

The Diamond face is complemented by face-framing layers and softly rounded, blended bangs.  Stay away from longer hair, which closes the face in with the narrow forehead.

The Oblong face needs layers.  Try a long look styled off the face using a round brush for width.  Strong bobs can make the face look longer if they’re too short.

Five Tips For Your Best Looking Hair Ever

If you think your best hair days are behind you, think again; one simple little adjustment could be all that stands between you and the gorgeous mane you’ve always wanted.

And the good news is it doesn’t require big bucks or burdensome upkeep to make your locks look their freshest.

We’ve asked celeb stylists from both coasts for timeless advice on how to work what you’ve got to its greatest potential, and what to focus on for the best results.

On your mark, get set — and va-va-va-voom!

1. Get Your Best Cut.

A great cut has the biggest impact on your hair, period. It can mean the difference between a crisp style falling into place, or battling your locks into submission with war waged daily.

If you don’t have a talented stylist in your tool belt already, ask friends with great hair for recs, or try a review site like Yelp.com to see what discerning reviewers think of salons in your area.

And depending on the shape of your face, you’ll want to make sure your cut balances out your features, provides lift to your face and opens up your eyes.

“For narrow, thin faces, it’s best to wear sexy bangs, ideally at a length that skims the bottom of the eyebrows. This will help fill out a thin face in an instant! It also offers versatility — wear them straight or slightly pushed to the side,” advises San Diego salon owner Jet Rhys.

For rounder faces, framing layers and bangs should start no higher than the bottom of the eyes, as this helps elongate and slim the face, says Rhys.

2. Increase Your Shine.

Who doesn’t look better with glistening locks? Boosting your shine is the quickest way to freshen up your look without cutting or changing your style.

The number-one culprit of dull hair is product build-up, says Laurent Dufourg, owner of both the Privé Salon NY and Privé Salon LA.

Since water can actually form a barrier between your hair and cleansers, try shampooing with Neutrogena’s Anti-Residue shampoo on dry hair first, and then step into the shower to rinse as usual. Suds up a second time if necessary for an oily scalp, and all leftover product residue should be gone, says Dufourg.

Color-treated hair can also look dull, for which Rhys has a handy shine-infusing tip.

“A colorist trick is to add three drops of Vitamin E oil to the tips of the hair while applying your color. The Vitamin E acts as a conditioning agent that works in conjunction with peroxide and hair color. This prevents hair from looking ashy and flat,” says Rhys.

3. Repair Ends Without Losing Length.

Although snipping split ends is the only way to restore badly damaged hair, there are a couple save-our-ship options you can turn to in order to replenish strands before you get to that point.

“To mend your ends and bring back that vibrant swing, using the right shampoo and conditioner is a must,” says Rhys. L’Oréal Professionnel’s Source de Richesse Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Masque contains tomato lycopene, which is known for reversing free radical damage. “It’s like an instant first-aid kit for your hair,” says Rhys.

Dufourg also agrees that daily care has the greatest impact on split ends, and recommends that you never bunch hair up on the top of your head while washing. Instead, lather the shampoo from roots to the ends, and rinse out gently.

If the damage has been done and split ends are cramping your style, a deep conditioner like Privé Leave-In Treatment will coat cuticles and temporarily glue split ends together, suggests Dufourg.

4. Speed Up Your Blowout.

The shortest path from you to fabulous hair lies in a blow-dryer and round brush, but most women find the process too long and intimidating to even attempt.

Fortunately, there are shortcuts that could have you walking out the door in minutes flat, such as skipping the typical approach of dividing hair into a bazillion carefully dried sections in favor of something quicker yet just as effective.

“Fifty percent of women dread the morning routine of lengthy blow-outs. The secret to a quicker job is to divide hair into just three sections: right, left and back. Get 80 percent of the water out before using your styling brush,” says Rhys.

You’ll also always want to use a nozzle on your dryer, as the compressed stream of air makes a noticeable difference in smoothing down hair cuticles for sleek shine, as well as, cutting down on drying time with its concentrated jet.

5. Score Smoother, Sleeker Texture.

Whether you wear your hair curly or straight, a smooth texture instantly polishes your look and makes hair appear healthier and more radiant.

And enhancing the sleekness of your texture starts in the shower.

“Rinse, rinse, rinse! The secret behind-the-scenes trick to those glossy shampoo commercials is a thorough cleansing. Take the time to fully rinse,” urges Rhys. If possible, finish with a quick cool rinse to sleeken strands.

Once out of the shower, don’t muss your strands with a disheveled towel dry, as it kills smooth texture. Instead, gently but firmly blot your scalp and strands with a hydrocotton towel for maximum absorption with minimal roughage.

Then comb through an anti-frizz serum like Avon’s Lotus Shield through strands, and blow-dry from root to tip with the nozzle of your dryer facing downward at all times. “Blow-drying downwards also prevents flyaways,” says Dufourg.

If you have curls, scrunching your strands while drying hair in a downward motion with a diffuser attachment will make for shiny, sleek texture.

Hair Tips From Coast to Coast

When the weather throws a tantrum, a gorgeous head of hair may not be the easiest task! No matter the forecast, never leave home without all your tresses in place. Celebrity stylist Jet Rhys shares some great hair tips for every kind of climate.

Snow & Rain

Whether you live in New York City, Seattle or Aspen, temperamental weather can wreak havoc on your hair. Keep your beauty routine easy by shampooing and conditioning regularly and limit the use of styling products, like waxes and gels. If the rain or snow dampens your mane, hair can become sticky and flat. Instead, use a leave in conditioner that is cream-based, not oil-based. *Hot Tip: Keep a little pouch in your purse with a mini brush, hair elastics, and pins. If your hair gets wet, it will look chic if you pull it back.

Chilly & Cold
The crisp winter air in cities like Boston, Chicago, and Denver can make hair extra dry or brittle. Avoid over-shampooing, which can strip natural oils from hair, causing it to look flat and limp. Jet recommends skipping a day between shampoos. On the in-between days, simply rinse hair with water, massage scalp with conditioner and rinse out. *Hot Tip: In cold weather, spray your styling brush with static guard to avoid static from the dry air.

Warm & Sunny

The heat and humidity in cities like Miami and Honolulu translates to waves, curls, and sometimes frizz. “Don’t fight it. Work with it.” says Jet. *Hot Tip: Apply a light silicone product to freshly shampooed hair. For extra smoothness, dry hair thoroughly to combat frizz all day.

No matter where you reside, some of the simplest tricks make a world of difference to hair, many of which are inexpensive and fast.

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Known for her upbeat wit, as well as her innovative, unparalleled color-passion, Jet’s motto is, “look, study and attack.” An absolute maestro in working with natural color and skin tones, she starts with creating the perfect, healthy hair canvas for color to come. Creator of the the Jet Rhys Color Cocktail—the shaken, not stirred color refresher—Jet focuses on the ideal, image evolution. Teaching on stages around the world and styling A-list celebrities at Hollywood events. She has been the creative force behind glossy, swingy manes for national television and print ads of companies like ABC, Revlon, Pantene and L’Oreal Professionnel. Jet Rhys Salon has been featured in numerous fashion and beauty publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, Allure and Vogue.  Jet and Rhys were recently recognized by Self Magazine as one of the top salon teams in the United States