Secrets of a Top Stylist

Speed up your blowout

50% of women dread the morning routine of lengthy blowouts. The secret to a quicker blow dry is to divide hair into three sections; right, left, and back. Always use a nozzle on your dryer, it channels the air directly on your hair. Get 80% of the water out before using your styling brush. By adding this to your routine it will instantly reduce your blow dry time.

Repair your ends without losing your length

To mend your ends and bring back that vibrant swing, using the right shampoo and conditioner is a must. Source de Richesse sulfate free shampoo and masque by L’Oreal Professionnel contain tomato lycopene known for reversing free radical activity, this is an instant first aid kit for your hair.

Get the best cut for you

For narrow thin faces it is best to wear a sexy bang, ideally at a length that skims the bottom of the eyebrows. This will help fill out a thin face in an instant! It also offers versatility, wear them straight or slightly pushed to the side. For rounded faces a longer side swept bang ideally at a length that skims the bottom of the eyes. This helps elongate the face, giving the face a slimmer appearance.

Increase your shine

A colorist trick is to add 3 drops of vitamin e oil to the tips of the hair while applying the color. This prevents the color from looking ashy and flat. The vitamin e acts as a conditioning agent that works in conjunction with the peroxide and the hair color.

Smoother Sleeker Locks

Rinse, Rinse, Rinse! The secret behind the scenes trick to those glossy shampoo commercials locks is a through cleansing. Take the time to rinse well -build up of products, oil, make hair look dull and lifeless.