Jordan Alexandria Jones

Studied at Bellus Academy Poway

I first heard of Jet Rhys during a presentation they did visiting Bellus while I was still a student last year. I was fascinated by the professionalism, expertise and selective choice of color and haircut specializing that they offer. I was intrigued to say the least and was curious for more, the idea that one could focus and become an expert in one particular area in this industry was very appealing to me…So here I am now months later and ready tackle the haircutting specialist program and give it my all.

I love change and the ability to observe and absorb by being in a community where I can continue to learn even after school. Now that I’m in my life long career I’m able to challenge myself get the BEST mentorship around.

Familiarity for one thing, I have a mother for a hairdresser so growing up in a salon atmosphere feels as natural as breathing. Although the one thing I love most about this industry is the opportunity to give a personable service to someone and change the way they feel about themselves in the best way possible, it’s a beautiful thing.

Fun facts:
In my spare time I like making jewelry and playing with essential oils
I also enjoy blogging as a creative outlet and go by Honey Lavender