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Eyebrow Shaping
Eyebrow Maintenance
Full Face
Starts at 37
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Beauty Services

Eyebrow Tint
Make-up services
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Hair Treatments

blowdry not included

SignatureStarts at 17

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Even though you’re in a hurry, your hair still needs a little T.L.C. This treatment includes a fabulous scalp massage with a Bumble and bumble Signature Cleanser and nourishing Masque suited for your hair’s needs. This will restore your hair in 5 minutes while you relax under a hot towel. Suitable for all hair types.

Super HydratingStarts at 30

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This five minute treatment is enriched with a patented micellar therapy (ion-g) that helps reinforce the hair structure, restore vibrancy and protect your color investment. Typically done after color service (but can be done at any time for any hair type).

BrighteningStarts at 38

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This hair treatment is formulated with fresh dried antioxidant vitamins to provide you with dramatic results. Suitable for all hair types.

Features and benefits

  • Immediate removal of green hair that has been caused by mineral build up and pools.
  • Restores manageability and brightens color
  • Provides shine, softness, and movement to the hair
  • Gently and safely lifts off unwanted heavy color

StrengtheningStarts at 38

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For the terribly thirsty (from chronic dryness or repeated heat styling and brush strokes). This intense treatment provides hair with moisture replenishment, hydration, strengthening, softness, smoothness, shine and resilience! Suitable for dry or brittle hair.

Color Treatments

Color Minded (Bumble&bumble)Starts at 36

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Don’t fade away!!
This treatment fights fading and will keep your color true to tone for up to twenty shampoos. Color Minded treatment works by infusing the hair shaft with Polymers that prevent the pigment from washing away with shampoos. Suitable for colored hair.

Color ShineStarts at 42

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Let your hair Shine! Shine! Shine!
This multi-tasking color hair treatment not only deep conditions but also adds a “glassy-like gloss” that enhances a polished reflection to your hair. Suitable for all hair types.

Features and benefits

  • U.V. inhibitors that “shield” hair from fading
  • Soy and wheat protein help increase body
  • Sparkles and hydrates hair that has faded due to swimming, sun exposure and over-styling
  • Very conditioning, adds shine to the hair and helps even out and seal in color
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